Requirements for Preparing a Special Power of Attorney in the UAE

If you’re living in the UAE, you’ll need to prepare a special power of attorney for UAE purposes. The scope of the POA depends on what the principal wishes to do and how they want their agents to do it. If you’re unsure of how to draft this document, seek legal advice to ensure that it is properly drafted and will satisfy the UAE government requirements. Read below the requirements for special power of attorney in Dubai.

The document should be well-written and clearly state the rights:

The document should be well-written and clearly state the rights and scope of the agent’s authority. If possible, a qualified lawyer should draft it for you. It should also mention any conditions in which the document may become invalid in UAE. A good lawyer will guide you through the process and help you make it a legally-enforceable document.

You’ll need to have the Document notarized:

You’ll also need to have the document notarized. This will ensure that the document is legally valid. It is recommended that all parties involved signing the document in their country of origin. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs must attest to it in the home country. Once the document has been properly attested, it must be submitted to the UAE Embassy for approval. A power of attorney is a useful legal tool in ensuring convenience while the grantor is not in the country. However, it is vital to weigh the risks of the document and the time and effort it takes to prepare it. A law firm is also good to ensure the document is not void in the UAE.

It must be carefully drafted:

A special power of attorney document must be carefully drafted. It should include the rights and scope of authority granted to the agent, the exceptions to these rights, and the factors that render it invalid in the UAE. A well-drafted power of attorney document is the best way to ensure the convenience of your agents if you are unable to act. If you are unsure about the legal aspects of this document, consider hiring a law firm.

POA must be written in English:

The special power of attorney must be written in English. The document must contain the grantor’s signature and his agent’s signature. It should contain the grantor’s name and the date of its execution. A power of attorney should be signed by all parties involved in the matter. The document must be notarized before the notary public. The notary must be the one who signs it.