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  • Which is the Most Effective Treatment For Back Pain?

    In recent years, medical research has focused on finding out the most effective back pain treatment in Dubai. The results of studies have found that most people improve with non-drug treatments over time. Many patients also benefit from massage and superficial heat therapies. Acupuncture and spinal manipulation are also considered effective treatments. However, some people […]

  • A Complete Overview of the Hollywood Smile Procedure

    The Hollywood smile in Dubai Satwa is an excellent option for younger patients with healthy and beautiful teeth to fix their dental issues. The dentist will typically recommend veneers or caps for all of the teeth. Although the process is minimally invasive, it still involves abrasion of the teeth. There are several reasons why the […]

  • How to Prepare For Root Canal Treatment

    When you consider having root canal treatment in Dubai, you need to ask yourself several questions. You should inquire about everything from the cost to the urgency. You should also ask whether the tooth can be fixed without the procedure. And, if not, what other options are available? Before deciding on root canal therapy, make […]

  • What Are the Necessary Things That You Need For a Healthy Diet?

    There are many essential components to a healthy diet that dietician in Dubai may suggest you. Fruits and vegetables should be part of every meal, especially those with high fiber content. Limit your intake of highly processed foods, and focus on eating whole grains and legumes. Cut down on salt, sugar, and saturated fats. Eat […]

  • Gingivitis- Causes and Treatments

    Some different factors can cause gum disease. It can result from infection, an allergy, a bad diet, or medications, such as birth control pills and some antibiotics. Pregnancy can also cause gingivitis and can be triggered by certain medications. Some of these drugs may worsen the condition. However, some of them can help to cure […]

  • Reasons why you need to cook at home more

    We have all been guilty of times when we ordered take out food from nearby restaurants when we were extremely tired and exhausted to cook at home until it became an everyday thing and we just never found time to be healthy. Well, things can change, and they should and thus you should try switching […]