Important facts about payment gateways

Many people out there have next to no knowledge pertaining to payment gateways, their different types and their basic utilization. Let’s take a look at all these facts:

What is payment gateway?

A payment gateway is basically an innovation that is used by merchants in order to receive credit cards or debit cards purchases from the clients.

In stores that are physical, payment gateway comprises of the point of sale workstations that are used to receive the payments by phone or by card.

What are the kinds of payment gateway?

There are usually three kinds of payment gateway.

  1. Redirects
  2. In place payments
  3. Offsite payments

What is the working process of payment gateway Dubai?

Following is the working process of payment gateway Dubai.

  1. First of all, the customers starts the payment purchase by clicking on the option of ‘buy now’ or any option that is similar to it.
  2. The policy of electronic commerce proceeds the customer to the payment gateway. There, the customer has to enter the related details of the card.
  3. Payment gateway transfers the customer to a page that is secure for the permission of the transaction.
  4. When the payment gateway accepts the transaction, checks are made by the banks on the account of the customer to come to a conclusion whether the transaction has been successful or not.
  5. Payment gateway lets the customer know about the success of the transaction or the failure of the transaction.
  6. For suppose, the transaction is a success then the payment gets settled by the bank through the payment gateway.
  7. Afterwards, the payments gets settled with the merchant and the customer gets a notification about the successful transaction. Also, the process of payment will be finally completed.

What is a POS UAE?

Pos uae or commonly known as point of sale is basically a place where a client carry out the payments for the services and goods where the taxes of sales might be undue.

What are the kinds of point of sale systems?

Following are the kinds of point of sale systems.

  1. Terminal point of sale
  2. Mobile point of sale
  3. Tablet point of sale

So, this was all about payment gateway and pos. I hope you have a good understanding of the working process of payment gateway.