If you are a new investor in the UAE, you should know the different types of Shams free zone license required to operate legally. These business licenses are a prerequisite for starting a business. Here are some of the most common types of business licenses in the UAE: Manufacturer, Importers, Exporters, and Trademarks and Brands. You must choose the appropriate type of Business License when you register your company in Dubai.

You can open branches:

First, you need to determine the kind of business you want to start. A branch office has the same legal identity as its parent company and conducts business in the same name. This business license allows the branch office to engage in the same activities as its parent company, but it cannot import or export products. Local trade agents require this type of business license. Foreign branch offices may require an additional license from the Ministry of Economy. A representative office is only limited to promoting the parent company’s activities. It can only solicit projects and orders.

Commercial license:

A commercial license is required for any business activity that involves profit. If you plan to conduct business, you must obtain a commercial license. Meanwhile, an industrial license covers all industrial activities carried out in the UAE. It would help if you also had a physical office in the UAE to get an industrial license. Furthermore, it would help meet specific criteria to operate as an industrial business. It would be best if you also had a good understanding of the laws and regulations in the UAE.

Professional license:

A professional license is another type of business license in the UAE. This license is mandatory for companies or individuals who perform their professions for profit. A professional license is necessary if you want to conduct a service-based business. A professional license is necessary if you want to operate as an independent craftsman. To acquire this, you need to get the Ministry of Economic Development’s approval. After obtaining an industrial license, you will need to set up an office in the UAE.

There are several types of business licenses in the UAE. Each one is issued to specific types of businesses. The types of businesses that require a license vary depending on the nature of the activity. For example, a commercial license covers all types of activities conducted for profit. An industrial license is issued to a company that performs manufacturing activities in the UAE. Moreover, it is required to have a physical office to operate.